Drink sensibly
Drink sensibly

Drink sensibly




Summer season is here, looking forward to time off from work and spending time with the family?


If you want to make the best of your time, then why not keep a track of how much alcohol you drink. 


Here are a few simple suggestions on how to watch what you consume;


  • Drop a glass size – switch from a large glass of wine to a small glass or for beer/ lager drop from a pint to a half pint or small bottle
  • Measure your drinks – use a unit measure cup to keep track of how much you’re pouring at home
  • Remember alcohol calories count towards your total daily calorie intake
  • Drinking increases your appetite – have your drink with a meal rather than before
  • Make drinks last longer- don’t finish a bottle of wine at one sitting, try and spread it over a few days instead.
  • Use time off to be more active - take a brisk walk, do some gardening, go swimming....
  • Budget for your booze - when you go to the supermarket cut down on the amount of alcohol you buy, and save the money for other treats e.g. holiday spending money, new clothes, spending time doing your favourite activities or take up a new activity!
  • Less consumption – less chance of ‘hangovers’ and your much more likely to make the most of holiday time, especially with family and kids
  • Remember to have at least two alcohol free days a week


You can keep track of your alcohol intake by keeping a diary at http://my.drinkaware.co.uk/users/sign_up

(You can set your own personal goals, see how drinking is affecting your weight and how to cut down on those calories. Plus, you can find out just how much you're spending on alcohol).

For other alcohol and health related information: www.nhsgrampian.org/alcohol

If you are worried about your own or someone else’s drinking contact the local and confidential Addaction Aberdeen service on:

(Freephone) 0800 0354 346


Show goodwill to all
Show goodwill to all

Show goodwill to all

Celebrate together! It's more fun and safer that way!

Wise Men walk away!- Don't let anger and frustration spoil the celebration.

The Best present you can give is "Peace". Stay calm and don't react.

Be a star this summer -  If you see someone who looks vulnerable don't ignore them, get help.

Aberdeen Street Pastors

email: aberdeen@streetpastors.org.uk
tel: Tel 01224 625487

Use the night time taxi ranks
Use the night time taxi ranks

Use the night time taxi ranks

Friendly Taxi Marshals are there for your safety

All taxis have been moved to Union Street after midnight every night of the week.

Share a taxi with friends going the same way as you to help taxi queues move quicker.

Try not to get frustrated if taxis take a long time, remember there are a lot of special events on in the city throughout the summer and waiting times might be slightly longer than usual.

Did you know that you can request a female taxi driver? Just ask one of the Taxi Marshals who will be more than happy to arrange this for you.

Plan your transport home
Plan your transport home

Plan your transport home

Don't forget December is the busiest time of year for taxi companies so you won't be able to simply call a taxi from your venue.

Find out where you can catch a bus or wait for a taxi.

Plan how you are getting home very carefully.

If a family member, friend or neighbour is free ask for a lift and return the favour when they have their night out.

Take it in turns to be the designated driver.


Don’t cook after drinking

Trying to fry or grill something to eat when you get home after a night out is a recipe for disaster.

Breaking a door down to find a drunken person lying sleeping or unconscious in a smoke filled room is unfortunately a common experience for firefighters.

Some are lucky and get away with it but all too often there are casualties, huge costs to repair the damage and the needless risk to neighbours.

If you’ve been drinking or taking drugs your senses act very differently:

·         Would you waken if a smoke alarm was going off?

·         Would you hear a fire developing?

·         Would you hear a neighbour battering on the door or window?

·         Would you hear a friend or a child shouting to waken you?

You can easily reduce the risk of fire after you’ve been drinking by grabbing a take away or leaving out something to eat that won’t need fried, grilled or put in the oven when you get home


Stay with your friends
Stay with your friends

Stay with your friends

Plan your night in advance so you know which venues you will visit encase you get spilt up.

Keep you mobile phone on all the time and look after each other's belongings as well as your own.

If you are leaving early, let your friends know where you are going and how you are getting there.

Stay in well lit areas if you are going to be alone at any point, don't put yourself at risk.


Avoid trouble and seek aid if needed
Avoid trouble and
seek aid if needed

Avoid trouble and seek aid if needed

In 2006 Operation Oak was introduced by Grampian Police and the Aberdeen Community Safety Partnership to tackle crime and antisocial behavior in the City Centre. Violent crime is now at a six year low making Aberdeen City Centre one of the safest in the country.

We want to pass on some tips and friendly advice so that you greatly reduce the chance of being a victim of crime, or worse, arrested or injured.

In our experience, a fair chunk of the reported crime at this time of year could be avoided. It's a great shame to see that a moment's stupidity gets someone a criminal record and greatly reduces their career options to get or keep a job when they return home.

Seeing grown men and women in tears when they realise what they've done, and the consequences of their actions, is not a happy sight. So please think before you do something daft and watch your intake of alcohol; when you are drunk is when you are most vulnerable.

You're probably getting the gist now that, while we will police the City Centre in a friendly, neighbourly and safety-minded manner, we will not let the minority spoil it for others. We will arrest and will take a hard line with those who try.

City Centre Local Policing Team

email: servicecentre@grampian.pnn.police.uk
tel: 0845 600 5 700